Rah Digga

606 Chicago Presents!

Rah Digga

Lyric Jones, Fury, Army of 2 (Ang13 & Longshot)

Tue, February 21, 2017

9:00 pm



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Rah Digga
Rah Digga
One of music's most respected and premier "rapper's rapper" – regardless of gender, former First lady of Busta Rhymes' Flipmode Squad Rah Digga has returned with another classic album and accomplished something that is unheard of in Hip-Hop. "No female rapper has ever released a sophomore album 10 years later and I hoped to capture all audiences once more and remind everyone why they fell in love with Dirty Harriet in the first place!" states Digga. In an industry ruled by flash in the pan MC's and a what is "hot" at the moment mentality, Rah Digga is not worried about her absence from the game or her place in it, "I'm not a gimmick; I wasn't created by a label. I am a natural born talent that broke into the industry based on my ability to rhyme and that's what people will always expect from me." With a recent album produced by Nottz, one of the most famed beatsmiths in Hip-Hop, Digga had no problems meeting the expectations of any hardcore Hip-Hop fan. Accolades from music icons such as Amy Winehouse have been ringing aloud thoughout Rah's entire career. With her creative and progressive outlook, she has returned to prominence as a trendsetter in music. "Classic" was released September, 14th 2010.
Keeping an eye on the future and her continual work in directing, editing, business, acting, motherhood, motivational speaking and activism, Rah Digga's work is never done. A true renaissance women is an understatement. "With all the time that has passed what I've learned from all the outpouring of support is that people just want their good ole "Dirty Harriet" back.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rahdiggamusic
Bandcamp: http://rahdiggamusic.bandcamp.com/
IG: http://instagram.com/therealrahdigga
Twitter: https://twitter.com/therealrahdigga
Lyric Jones
Music is her breath of fresh air," close friends say about Lyric Jones. The Jones musical repertoire includes rapping, playing drums, singing, writing, producing and even DJ-ing a little. She dips into jazz, neo-soul and mainly hip-hop. But whatever she's doing, she brings a presence like no other.
"All I want is the exhilaration of being on a stage," Jones said. Her hunger definitely shows. She's hungry for the crowd to feel her music as deeply as she does, her powerful, message-conscious lyrics spilling out of the speakers.
Indeed she "makes 'em have a Jones for Lyric", being passionate, multi-faceted and strives to be indispensable. "Why not do it all? Why can't I be an emcee, soul singer and jazz drummer? Music is music, I love Hip Hop, Jazz & Soul, so the world is gonna see it, know it and hear it."

Originally from Boston MA, LJ began singing first. At a very young age, her first stints were in church, talent shows and community choirs . As a high school student, she was joint enrolled at Berklee College of Music in Boston; spent three years participating in their summer and academic year programs. It was at Berklee where Jones was known as everyone's "lil sis", sponged from everyone and polished her natural ability as a performer and drummer and as an emcee.
Jones then moved to Georgia to study journalism full-time at The University of Georgia. At the same time in full pursuit of her music career as a hip hop artist; driving back and forth from Atlanta to Athens almost every weekend to rock various stages & festivals. On the mic, she's continuosly gaining new fans and with her addictive energy and a stage presence that is beyond her years. Now living in Los Angeles and recently toured with Cali Agents, Jones' displays nothing but consitancy in her grind. She's hard to miss, always smiling with her "Girl Next Door" aura. Lyric Jones is all things music, clearly a lover of all genres. Her influences range from Jill Scott, Ledisi, Lauryn Hill to Foreign Exchange, Nas & Pharoahe Monch.

This Emcee, Vocalist, Producer, Drummer hybrid already has cosigns from Sway Calloway, Chino XL, Fabolous, and Statik Seletah. She's independently worked with Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest, Esperanza Spalding and J-Live for her 1st album , "Jones St". Her song "Reasons Why" was picked up on MTV.com in 2013 and most recently she appeared on Sway In The Morning's "GET IN THE GAME" segment and won due to popular listener approval. She's incredible live as well and has rocked SXSW, A3C and other festivals a few times. Being one of the only one's in her lane to play drums while rapping, Jones is truly a treat to watch.
At the apex of Fury's short and startling rise, from a providential birth in late 2013 through era-defining performances at America's Hardcore fest in 2014 and 2015, the Orange County five-piece has delivered Paramount, a debut full-length album of grace, erudition, and effortless virtuosity that guarantees Fury's induction into the tiny fraternity of epochal hardcore bands — e.g., Embrace, Unbroken, Mental — in whose sonic singularity and aesthetic intelligence the best minds of successive generations have seen themselves reflected. Paramount is impossible to characterize in the usual terms of A-meets-B direct influence: maybe you hear Burn, maybe you hear Outburst or Beyond or Supertouch, but no combination of such references conveys the subtlety of the songwriting, the precision of the musicianship, or the ferocity of Jeremy Stith's vocal performance, by way of which one encounters the best written and most cleverly phrased hardcore lyrics in recent memory. Paramount is, as they say in the groves of academe, sui generis. And yet to apprehend the lyric sheet's overt intertextuality (no less than Shakespeare, Don Delillo and Praise's Andy Norton, among others, are given co-writing credit), to hear the multiplicity of guest vocalists, to spend the 12 minutes required to read the voluminous thanks list — all this is to know, as the band itself surely does, that Paramount belongs no more to the individuals who recorded it than to the entire roiling, loving, terrifying, inspiring, hateful, romantic, literate, ignorant, fantastically dynamic culture that gave rise to it.
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