Outrun The Sunlight

Kickstand Productions Presents!

Outrun The Sunlight

Ranges, Rhone

Mon, October 2, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm



This event is 17 and over

Outrun The Sunlight
Outrun The Sunlight
Outrun the Sunlight is an American instrumental progressive metal band from Chicago, IL. The group blends modern metal with elements of jazz, post-rock, and ambience to form emotional and epic songs. Their latest album, "Terrapin," released December 16, 2014, can be found on digital media outlets worldwide.

The group was formed by Austin Peters and Cody McCarty in February 2011. The original intention of OTS was to experiment with composition and sound recording, in a strict studio setting. Two hashed together their demo EP "Architecture of the Cosmos" which caught the eye of many listeners, blog-sites, Facebook fan pages, and other artists.

OTS continued writing music over the summer of 2011, compiling ideas and concepts to create their debut LP, "The Return of Inertia," which was released on December 20th. Influenced by The Contortionist, Animals As Leaders, and other modern progressive metal acts, the record combined ambience and heaviness to create an emotional, dynamic sound. It achieving high ratings (3.5/5 on Heavy Blog is Heavy, 4/5 on Sputnik), and caught the attention of San Francisco-based label Rogue Records America, and was soon signed to the label for a two-album deal.

"The Return of Inertia Vocalist Re-Release" was a massive collaboration featuring vocalists and instrumentalists from around the globe, who were recruited by OTS and asked to write record themselves over tracks from "The Return of Inertia." The idea was to experiment with different vocal styles while also drawing attention to the talent and creativity these underground artists were capable of. Such vocalists featured include Aleksandra Radosavljevic of Above the Earth (Ind.), Chad Kapper of A Dark Orbit (Basick), Andrew Zink of Akeldama (Ind.), Joey Virrueta of Sea of Skies (Ind.), Steve McCorry of Exotype (Rise), and many others. The record was released digitally and physically July 24th on Rogue Records America.

Over the summer of 2013, OTS formed with drummer Pedro Villegas and bassist Connor Grant. Both Chicago instrumentalists, the four began learning songs from "The Return of Inertia," as well as hashing together new songs that Austin and Cody had written for the next album. The band now exhibits a much more dynamic approach to playing, and experiments even further outside of the realm of distorted guitars. The live act in a seamless auditory and visual experience that includes a projected backdrop, underlying synthesizers, and consistent transitions. The object of the band is to leave the audience feeling fulfilled and inspired by the epic that is Outrun the Sunlight.
Venue Information:
2011 W. North Ave.
Chicago, IL, 60647