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May 5 Sat
HalfNoise8:00 PM
2011 W. North Ave, Chicago, IL
Age Limit: 17+
Tickets $12.00


If you think you know Zac Farro, think again. Although the 26-year-old drummer
may be best known for forming Paramore when he was barely a teenager and
performing on platinum-selling albums such as Riot! And Brand New Eyes, since
2011 he has been at the helm of his own musical project HALFNOISE. This
outlet fuses Farro's passion for live drums with electronic elements and his
unique voice to create a sound that bravely steps in the future without
abandoning his already incredibly successful past. Correspondingly while
HALFNOISE has released a handful of EPs and demos over the past five years,
he couldn't be more thrilled with Sudden Feeling, which is the culmination of his
sonic experimentation and the most fully formed example of how Farro has
evolved not only as a musician but as a human being since entering his twenties.
“During the making of this album I was definitely more excited and present than
I've ever been,” Farro gushes from his home in Nashville, Tennessee. “I think the
last few years of HALFNOISE were really important because by playing shows in
front of people and experimenting in the studio I was able to build the
confidence to get myself to where I am today; in fact even though I've been
working on this project for a while, in many ways it feels like I'm still just starting
out when it comes to my enthusiasm.” Farro wrote the songs for Sudden Feeling
at his home studio before traveling to Los Angeles to flesh out the
instrumentation and arrangements with a handful of trusted collaborators... and
the result is an album that not only merges organic and synthetic elements but
also showcases but also embraces Farro's personality in the process.
“I'm a really upbeat person and it was so sunny and beautiful when we were
working on finishing the album in Los Angeles so friends would come over and
we would just listen to mixes and hang out and I really think the fact that I don't
take things too seriously in my daily life really crossed over to this recording,”
Farro explains. Sure, in many ways Sudden Feeling is a breakup album, it's more
accurate to say that the album at its core is about identity: Who we are, what
happens when we lose someone we thought helped define us and where do
you go once you're forced to step outside of your comfort zone and forge a new
path on undiscovered territory. “The biggest compliment that I've gotten from
this record from my friends is when they say, 'this album makes me feel like I'm
hanging out with you' because it really means that my point of view is coming
across in a way people can recognize,”
he explains.