Kickstand Productions Presents

Imaginary Tricks, Mint Mile, Baby Money & The Down Payments


Mar 16 Fri
Imaginary Tricks, Mint Mile, Baby Money & The Down Payments7:00 PM
2011 W. North Ave, Chicago, IL
Age Limit: 17+
Tickets $8.00

Baby Money & The Down Payments

Baby Money and her backing band, The Down Payments, are Chicago based musicians that perform original rock ‘n’ roll with a soulful, vintage twist. Heavily influenced by ‘60s girl-groups, gospel, rhythm ‘n’ blues and early rock ‘n’ roll, Baby Money writes heartfelt songs punctuated by tight vocal harmonies, reverb-soaked electric guitar, motown bass lines, punchy drums and bittersweet keys. 

After a successful local release of her first full length album, 'IN MEMORY OF JOHN DOE, in 2014, Baby Money spent some time touring the Midwest before returning to Chicago to work on her first musical, 'MARBLE, GA!' which was performed as part 2015's Chicago Musical Theatre Festival. 
With recording, mixing and mastering now complete on her new EP, 'shy-CITY,' VOL. 1: pyramid, Baby Money and the new cast of the Down Payments are ready to take on the world! 

Pamela Maurer (aka Baby Money) is a songwriter hailing from Durango, Colorado. She grew up playing piano and singing in the choir at her small town church, but it wasn't until her Detroit-born father introduced her to Motown, Stax and the like that she began to fall in love with the sound of the city and the music of the 1960s.

In 2003, she relocated to the Windy City and started singing, stomping, and making a whole lot of noise. She has written songs for various other groups, composed music for theatre, and for several years lent her voice and washboard playing for The Barehand Jug Band, winners of the 2010 National Battle of the Jug Bands. She went on to form one half of the rhythm and revival duo Poor Elvis, and has toured extensively in the midwest.

On returning to Chicago from the last leg of touring, Pamela decided to start her own project, with the name Baby Money. After inviting friends from other roots-inspired bands to join her, she began writing and started to perform. As the sound grew, she traded in her ukelele and washboard for a guitar, and with the help of her musician friends, finally formed her backing band, the Down Payments. 

Baby Money’s debut EP and zine, Movers! Shakers! Money Makers! along with a collection of singles, Little Red Vinyl was released in May, 2013. Her first full length album, IN MEMORY OF JOHN DOE dropped on May 30th, 2014, at the Hideout Inn Chicago. 'pyramid' is the first volume of full length album 'shy-CITY,' which is a collaboration between Baby Money, the Bribes, and many others and was released with support from local label Burn the Furniture at the Empty Bottle in 2016. Vol. 2-3 was released in 2017 at the Empty Bottle, on the Midwest Action label! Stay tuned for more, happy campers....this Baby never sleeps!