The Social Experience Party


Aug 7 Sat
The Social Experience Party9:00 PM
2011 W. North Ave, Chicago, IL
Age Limit: 21+
Tickets $5.00 - $10.00

Enjoy an evening out solo or with friends, good drinks, great music and positive vibes with sensational people from different areas throughout the city. To avoid distraction and to have the best experience in your life, using mobile devices are not allowed at any of our events. This increases the social ambiance as FNF encourages all party goers to live in the moment with the people you're partying with.

Cell phones must be kept in your purse, pocket etc. We understand that there may be times that you need to check your phone for an important text message or to make a call, therefore, there is a designated section known as the "safe zone", which allows you to do so for 5 minutes. Once you've left the safe zone to come back to the party, cell phones must be put away. Let's disconnect for a few hours from those that aren't with you, as well as social media and not be concerned or distracted with showing our followers how much fun we're having at a party!

The hottest 90's and early 2000's hip-hop, R&B classics, house music and juke music will be spun by none other than one of the greatest in the Midwest, DJ Stain! However, there will be 4 specific songs played at the party that will be announced as a "power song." This is when the music is turned down to a low volume in order to enable people in the party to go mingle and introduce themselves to somebody new that they don't know. Maybe it's that one person you've had your eye on the entire night or maybe you just like somebody's energy and they seem like someone you would simply like to get to know, now's your chance to shoot your shot and make your impression without the speakers blaring loud music. If you feel a vibe and make a connection with that person, take down their information with the notepad and pen that will be provided to you by FNF!

Experiencing a party that you can get lit at is inevitable at our functions, but you also gain much more than what a typical club offers. During the power songs connections will be made, new relationships/friendships can be formed, and much more could all come to fruition by joining us for a memorable and innovative partying experience that you will never forget!